Pattern interrupting sales cow says MOOOOOVE this opp to closed-won

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Digital Content Producer

Patrick Downs

Patrick Downs Team Lead, Outbound Account Executive

Troy Barter

Troy Barter Director of Sales, PandaDoc

If you’re trying to get ahead in sales — which would probably make sense if you’re tuning into this show — you don’t need magic beans or mad hypnosis skills…

You just need 3 simple things. 

You need to be high-value. You need to be low maintenance.

And you need to demand opportunity. 

Oh, and it never hurts to be confident… 

So says today’s guest, Troy Barter, who, as Director of Sales Development at PandaDoc, knows what it takes for a rep to move up. 

In this episode:

  • Travis and Patrick discuss the finer points of pattern interrupts
  • Performative wokeness is dissected
  • Troy shares the secrets to killing it in sales