How do I add a checkbox in Microsoft Word

To insert checkboxes into Microsoft Word, you can either convert bullet points into checkboxes using the symbols menu or add a checkbox in Word using developer tools.

With checkboxes, you will be able to easily track progress, gather data, and make your documents more engaging. 

Using software like Microsoft Word, you can create comprehensive documents that are both professional and functional.

Learn a simple skill of how to add a checkbox in Word and enhance the interactivity of your forms.

For example, imagine you’re a legal assistant tasked to create a digital contract with checkboxes for various terms and conditions.

Below is how to go about it!

For Windows and Mac PC users

You can add a checkbox using the Developer Tab or Bulleted Lists. 

Using the Developer Tab

Launch Microsoft Word on your laptop to get ready to draft a contract.

To create the contract document you need, start with a Blank Document.

Alternatively, you can use existing templates or look for business document templates online.

If you can’t see the Developer tab, enable it first:

1. Click on File at the top and open Word Options.

Ms Word options

2. In the Word Options window, select Customize Ribbon.

MS Word Options window, Customize Ribbon button

3. On the right side, under Main Tabs, find and check the Developer Box.

4. Click OK to see the Developer tab shown on your Ribbon.

Click in the document where you need to insert the first checkbox, for example, right before a key contract term.

To insert a checkbox, do this:

1. Click the Developer tab and find the Controls group.

insert a checkbox to MS word

2. In this group, click on the Checkbox Content Control.

When you need to customize checkboxes, right-click on the checkbox and select Properties to adjust the visual look of checkboxes.

If you need to add more checkboxes, you can simply copy the customized checkbox and paste it where applicable.

Using Bulleted Lists

Alternatively, you can add a checkbox to your Word document by way of Bulleted Lists:

1. Highlight the text that requires checkboxes.

2. Go to the Home tab, click the Bullets dropdown, and choose Define New Bullet.

Using Bulleted Lists in MsWord

3. Choose Symbol, select a font like Wingdings, and thenselect a checkbox-like symbol.

adding a checkbox-like symbol in MsOffice

You can now save your document this way:

  • Go to File and choose Save As.
  • Choose a name and file format that suits your document’s purpose.

Now your digital contract is ready for sharing, and you can email it to the relevant parties. 

For iOS and Android mobile users

The process of inserting a checkbox on mobile devices is pretty similar, yet it has a slight difference: 

1. Launch Word Mobile, open your document, and tap in the document where the list is needed.

inserting a checkbox on mobile devices

2. Find formatting options above the keyboard and tap on the Bullets icon.

Bullets icon on a mobile device

3. Select a suitable checkbox symbol for your bullet.

choosing a suitable checkbox symbol for bullet

Remember that Word Mobile may have limited options, and it might be helpful to create checkboxes on the desktop version and then open the document on your mobile device for editing.

Also, you can use mobile keyboards, such as Google’s Gboard, Microsoft’s SwiftKey, and Apple’s iOS Keyboard that offer checkbox symbols.

You can typically find these symbols in the keyboard’s symbols or emoji section.

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