Why should I use an AI writing tool?

AI can help you create professional, natural-sounding content faster. You can use it for virtually any type of content or document. 

This article outlines five ways in which AI writing tools can benefit you if you deal with content creation.

Generate content faster 

What a human writes may require 3 hours to write, an AI writing tool can do in minutes, if not seconds.

That is because AI writing tools analyze and generate text in parallel; in doing so, the turnaround time for responses is extremely fast.

Since AI models are trained to recognize and understand common patterns in data, it helps them make accurate predictions about what comes next in a given text, based on your prompt.

This is why when you provide a prompt for generating content such as an agreement, text summary, or a social media post, you receive precisely what you requested from the tool.

However, AI writing tools reduce the originality of content and cannot guarantee its validity.

Thus, it’s best to utilize the capabilities of AI writing tools as a helpful jumpstart for your future content. 

Improve content tone and readability 

AI writing tools produce human-sounding, professional content, ranging from emails and social media posts to blog posts and content for proposals.

You can use them in two ways:

  • To rewrite and enhance content written by you — in that case, AI writing tools can work with simple notes or draft copies to improve your text
  • Use an AI tool to create content from scratch — in that case, you need to put proper instructions in a prompt and tell the tool what to write

Generally speaking, AI writing tools aspire to deliver content that is free from plagiarism, and promote themselves as such.

But they are far from flawless, and it’s your responsibility to ensure the end product is both accurate and original 

Because these tools are trained to generate unique data when predicting the next probable word — instead of flatly copying and pasting data from a database, or presenting cropped source material like a standard search engine does — this helps certify the uniqueness of your content.

AI ensures your text is readable.

For example, if you upload lengthy sentences into Panda AI, it will rephrase them in a clear and concise manner.

You can play with a tone of voice and get results tailored to your audience. 

Some examples of how you can use AI writing tools for your needs:

  • As someone in HR, you can create engaging job descriptions for Indeed or LinkedIn
  • As a sales rep, you can craft content for sales proposals, such as intro sections or product and service descriptions
  • As a lawyer, you can generate client emails using a professional tone geared for the legal community 
  • As a copywriter, you can research an article outline and then craft the piece based on the source material gathered 

Conduct pre-draft research

AI writing tools are an advanced version of a search engine.

When you do a Google search, it presents a list of resources and websites you need to scroll through in order to extract information.

Conversely, AI tools gather necessary information and put it into a readable and logical text, making AI writing tools a great assistant in research activities:

  • Brainstorm ideas. AI writing tools help you generate ideas for future materials, especially if you have concepts that need development or just want to have different ideas to choose from
  • Topic exploration. The tool will help you explore different angles and subtopics related to your main subject
  • Research summaries. AI writing tools help you to summarize large amounts of information, papers, and reports, and present them in a concise way
  • Quotes and references. Find credible sources, references, and citations that you can include in your pre-draft research

Remember that while AI writing tools can help you with pre-draft research, you need to validate the information you gather from any AI platform.

Optimize content for search engines

AI writing tools excel in SEO activities.

They not only provide you with SEO-optimized text but also perform activities that help you understand the competitor angle better and improve your optimization strategy.

The right prompts will help you accomplish the following:

  • Detect relevant keywords. Ask the tool to generate keywords tailored to your topic of interest. The tool can offer insights into keyword density, search volume, or generate a list of keywords your competitors focus on.
  • Optimize content with keywords. AI writing tools master the natural integration of keywords into text, making it easy to read. Also, the content is free of keyword overload.
  • Create content tailored to your target audience. Describe your target audience to the fullest, so that AI writing tools generate the text specific for your use case. 
  • Generate appealing headers and metadata. AI writing tools are aware of appropriate word counts for meta descriptions and are proficient in generating useful headers, footers and other formatting requirements. 

Some advanced tools come with templates to help you create content faster.

Consider a case study template as an example: simply input a company name, a customer’s information, and describe a resolved challenge.

The tool analyzes information and generates content for the “About,” “Challenge,” “Solution,” and “Outcomes” sections.

The same methodology works for other content templates. 

Such templates offer you a pre-designed structure for your writing, ultimately saving you time and making sure your content pieces are consistent. 

Use Panda AI to help create content for all your documents

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