Does PandaDoc create digital IDs when your recipients sign them?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to about PandaDoc and how it creates  Digital ID’s when your recipients sign or initial the document.

What is a Digital ID?: A digital ID is way for you to track who opened and signed a document. This will be shown on the last page of the PDF file when you download a signed/initialed completed document. This will include a “Signature Certificate”, that includes “Document REF#”, your recipients name, verified email address, their IP address and a Date/Time Stamp on when the document was completed.

Step 1:  Viewing a digital ID. Go to Documents on the left, click on the document name that has been sent, viewed and completed. Over on the right, click on “Download”, this will save a copy the completed document to your computer.

Scroll down to the last page of the PDF file and you will see the digital ID and your recipient’s signature.

Document - Signed E-signature

Scroll down to the last page of the PDF file and you will see the Digital ID and your recipient’s initials, if you used initials and not the signature field.

Document - Signed E-initals

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