Receipt Templates

You know what is a real littering, disorganized threat to your identity? Receipts. People lose them, they ask for new ones (especially around tax time,) they drop their confidential information and yours right on the ground. Printed receipts are bad news for you and your clients. Using a free PandaDoc receipt template means that you keep your business online, organized and streamlined. Plus, you don’t have to save boxes of signed receipts in drawers for years because it’s all in one place. Use one of our sample receipt templates or go ahead and create one of your own. Trust us, it’ll save you time and money — and a whole lot of frustration.

With PandaDoc, you can streamline and automate bookkeeping for your business. We have sample receipt templates for general service and sales receipts, as well as for bigger ticket items like cars and hotel receipts. By keeping your receipts all within the cloud, you’re allowing your customers and you to contribute to a better earth, to keep it all organized and for everyone to always remain on the same page. Plus, it covers your business because you can never lose a receipt again, constantly having proof that your customer has signed for and received a receipt of purchase.

PandaDoc Receipt Templates allow you and/or your business to stay organized like never before. Quickly recall any document with ease. Organize clean-looking receipts in folders within PandaDoc, not in a manila folder inside an old and dented file cabinet. You’ll be surprised at how much more efficient you’ve become and how many less headaches you will have.

  • Rental Receipt Template

    Whether you’re invoicing or providing a receipt, this Rental Receipt Template is a jack of all trades! With this template you can handle transactions between yourself and your tenants legally and effectively.

  • Receipt Book Template

    You can easily keep track of all your receipts online with this sample receipt book template.

  • Service Receipt Template

    Use this free service receipt template to provide your customers with a receipt after they pay for services rendered (or to be rendered).

  • Sales Receipt Template

    Use this free sales receipt template to automate providing proof of sales.

  • Restaurant Receipt Template

    This free restaurant receipt template let's you offer your customers the choice of a printed or online receipt and helps turn over tables faster.

  • Hotel Receipt Template

    Let your guests leave swiftly and happily, allowing them to check out and sign off on this online, free hotel receipt template.

  • Deposit Receipt Template

    Whether you're a landlord or selling a product or service, this free deposit receipt template gives your customers reassurance and proof of deposit.

  • Car Receipt Template

    Whether you're a dealership or a private owner, use this car receipt template to mark the point of vehicle sale in a completely legal and secure fashion.

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