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Hi, [New Employee.FirstName],

Welcome to PandaDoc! We are excited to have on board our amazing team. This week you will learn a lot about our company, product, customers and what you will do at PandaDoc.

You will find some tasks throughout the document. Please complete them all by the end of the week. There will be a Q&A session at the end, so make sure you understand everything.

You will receive email invitations to join some tools and systems we use, please create accounts using your PandaDoc email address.

Please go through every item and linked documents and sites. Comment on the things that are unclear – one of fellow pandas will respond ASAP. We highly encourage interactive onboarding and collaborative learning.

Let’s get started!

Who We Are
   Our Team
Target Market Opportunity
    Competitive Advantage
Learn the Product
    In-depth product training tasks
Our Value proposition
Your Job description
    Optional checklist for Super-Pandas


We are a team of extremely goal-oriented and resilient people. Everyone is dedicated to make PandaDoc a better product and company everyday. The legacy of our founders’ energy, positivity, courage and groundedness reflects in each team member and that’s what binds us together.

So, first, lets introduce you to the founders in a fun and creative way. Serge and Mikita put together a document, that talks about our mission and culture. Please review this document and leave comments in case you have questions, feedback, or concerns. Mikita or Serge constantly monitor the doc and will respond to your questions ASAP.

Our Team

  • Executive Team
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Account Management
  • Customer Success
  • Support
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Technical Manager
  • Customer Success
  • Sales Enablement
  • Onboarding Team
  • Sales
  • Product
  • Engineering
  • Support

Please see all our team here: https://www.pandadoc.com/about-us/

Your tasks

We use Slack to communicate internally. Please create an account here and add your profile picture.

You will be invited to Zoom, a videoconferencing service. Please create an account there and add your profile picture.


The $47 billion CRM market has an annual growth rate of 12%, with cloud-based services being the norm (according to Gartner). Any company using a CRM would benefit from using PandaDoc. ERP and HRM customers would also benefit from extending their systems of record with document automation and digital transactions.

The electronic signature software market alone exceeded $359 million in 2013. Adobe Document Cloud is a billion-dollar business alone. Given the numbers above as well as broad applicability of PandaDoc, we estimate a total addressable market for our product to be over $1Bn.

Your tasks:
Learn about solutions we offer at our website starting with proposal software as well as pricing

Competitive Advantage

PandaDoc competes with a number of electronic signing, CPQ (configurable price quotes), and contract management products replacing 4-5 separate tools.

Documents built in PandaDoc are web applications. They’re HTML-based, which makes our platform easier to integrate with and extend. PandaDoc’s competitors use PDF or Word as the underlying formats, which limits interactivity of the documents and makes data import and export extremely difficult.


PandaDoc extends the concept of a document beyond a sheet of paper. Documents in PandaDoc could be extended with third-party applications that interact with client’s input (e.g. eSignatures, payment processing widgets or dynamic price quotes).

We change the way people deliver quotes, proposals, contracts, forms and other transactional documents. Super cool stuff, and totally revolutionary.

Your tasks

Sign up for a business account with PandaDoc. Add a profile picture. Use your @pandadoc.com email address.
Send an email to james@pandadoc.com (James Marketon is our Technical Manager) to upgrade you to an employee account.
Navigate to “Getting Started” section on our website. Read through all “Getting Started” articles.

Send product onboarding feedback to our product manager Vik (vik@pandadoc.com)
Watch a recent recording of our 101 Webinar

In-depth product training tasks

  Create a template via upload, add Fields and assign them to 2 Roles – Signer and Client
Create a document using a public template. Please review this article.
Add another workspace to your account, look how you can setup advanced user permissions
Create a form for collecting data from the client using Fields (e.g. gym membership form to collect name, address, enrollment date, etc.).
Add an image and a content block to your content library
Create at least 5 items in the catalog. Add price, cost, description, image and a custom field for each item.
Watch this webinar on CRM integration
Create a Proposal with a pricing table – it can be a proposal for anything you want. Create a template first, then create a document out of this template. Please use the following features:

  • Roles and Tokens
  • Optional items in the pricing table
  • Custom fields in the pricing table
  • Taxes and discounts in the pricing table
  • Any google font that is not available in PandaDoc by default – you can do it through Custom CSS
  • Workflows – you should sign the document first, then it should go for approval to your manager


People are spending too much time, across too many tools, to put together and send out documents. Most rely on outdated creation formats, like Word or PDF, as well as outdated delivery methods, like email or, worse, snail mail. Juggling these tools wastes time and leads to errors and delays. Not only that, the documents created this way are often dull and boring, making it easy for the recipient to ignore them.

It’s equally inefficient for the client. They have to receive, print, sign or fill-out, scan, and return the document. For salespeople, this friction can slow or kill a deal. For HR managers, it similarly creates confusion and delays.

PandaDoc is more than a business solution — it’s a philosophy. It’s not just about creating better documents, but about establishing an entirely new approach to your process.


Customer Success Specialist:

  • Deliver happy experiences to every client you interact with
  • Become a PandaDoc product expert and have the technical know-how to resolve client issues
  • Work closely with the entire team to reduce churn
  • Maintain ownership of each issue and be resourceful in coming up with solutions
  • Any additional duties assigned by the manager

Optional checklist for Super-Pandas

To become an unstoppable Super-Panda, feel free read the following items and watch the videos below:
Our YouTube channel
Read eSignatures 101
Learn about our verticals
Watch technical webinars by James here
Read through our blog posts. Feel free to leave comments

Our HR team has a secret prize for everyone who finishes this list


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